BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad, BCA External in Ahmedabad

“Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.”

— Edsger W. Dijkstra

BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad– External Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programme is specifically premeditated to enhance, enrich and enlighten the skills of young professionals who wish to pursue their career in the field of computer applications. External Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course is the graduate course which will lead as a feeder course for advanced studies in the area of Computer Science. The course structure is projected to not only teach learners theory and applications, but can also enrich their knowledge and equip them with professional and communication skills.

BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad customarily consists of core courses in programming with ‘C’ language, Internet Technologies and HTML, algorithm and data structures, Object Oriented Concepts & Programming-I(Core Java), advanced programming with C, computer organization and network fundamentals, Web programming, Internet Programming (ASP. NET using C #), relational database management systems, software engineering, digital electronics, web technology using FOSS and visual programming. There are few subjects developed to intensify theoretical as well as technical knowledge of learners and train learners with the practical aspects (project work) to become industry specialists through external BCA in Ahmedabad.

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 Why one can study BCA in Distance Education:

Distance education is meant for those who wish to build their career exceptionally without hampering the existing chores like jobs, business, home managers and it has been designed specially for those who have deprived of higher education in young age but wish to improve their professional qualification, individuals who have deprived of admission in conventional colleges of the state. The reasons to opt external BCA in Ahmedabad / BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad are furnished below:

  • To develop the understanding of conceptual as well as a theoretical concept of Computers & Information Technology
  • To understand the operating system and how to install software,
  • To know the importance of operating system and theoretical foundations to install software.
  • To be familiar with various operating system
  • To develop the understanding of conceptual as well as a theoretical concept and functions of Programming and functions of C language
  • To enhance the knowledge of Internet Technologies and HTML and importance of HTML and Internet Technologies
  • To enrich the skills and understand the functions and theoretical, practical foundations of Data Structure Using ‘C’
  • To understand the concept, functions and technical knowledge of Database Management System
  • To get trained and equipped with the knowledge of Object oriented concept and programming II(Advance Java)

Eligibility: Learner should clear 12th Std or Its equivalent grade, or learner should pass 10th Std + ITI( 2 or more Years) + NCVT / GCVT + GSHEB / GOSE, 12th English Exam or 10th standard pass + 3 Years Diploma (Polytechnic) degree

Scope of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): There are ample number of jobs are waiting after completion of BCA Degree, list are furnished below:

  • Chief information officer
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer support service specialist
  • Computer scientist
  • Computer systems analyst.
  • Database administration
  • Information systems manager
  • Software developer
  • Software publisher
  • Systems administrator
  • Teacher or lecturer in any Institute.

Importance of Study by Distance Learning and External Study:

  • Flexible studying hours, which can help learners to continue the existing job of your interest without any interruption. Learners can study any time of the year.
  • Distance Learning and External Study develop, enhance, enrich and enlighten your skill set which helps you to earn more.
  • Distance Learning and External Study are very convenient education Medium for housewives who wish to complete their study through BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad
  • Distance Learning and External Study designed to give learners freedom to choose your career wisely, but educational certificates are important to get n any job so now you can opt your dreams in sports along with your study.
  • Distance Education gives wings to the students to take up various courses that are not accessible in the conventional colleges
  • The most important factor is the pocket friendly fee structure
  • There is no transportation cost incurred
  • There won’t be any boring classrooms


We can conclude that if you wish to grow your career in the field of Computer Science or Information Technology, you should opt BCA Distance Education in Ahmedabad where you will be trained by theoretical and as well as technical skills to sustain in this competitive era. External BCA in Ahmedabad is the feeder steps for those who wish to go for higher studies in the domain of Computer Science. We can say that Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is one of the best course that learners can opt for.

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