MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad, MSW External in Ahmedabad

MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad– External Master of Social work (MSW) programme is a two-year postgraduate program which is related to the study of indispensable humanitarian exertions in a society. The primary objective of the programme is to develop the opportunity to grow learner’s analytical skills, knowledge theory, an ability to work with people and optimize help to weaker segments of the society who are often repressed and neglected. MSW programme imparts learners knowledge and orientation training related to areas such as education, sanitation, and their welfare. This course enlightens the skills and efficiency desirable to be a key part of the success in this competitive era.

MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad, MSW External in Ahmedabad characteristically includes of core courses in social work, History & Philosophy of Social Work, Human Growth and Development, Social Group Work, Community Organisation, Health Care & Social Work Practice, Labour Welfare Ideology  & Programme, Psychiatric Social Work, Social Work with Elderly and Person with Disability, Indian Social Structure and Social Problems, Personality Development, Social Work Research and Statistics, Social Welfare Administration and Information and Social Work Practice with Communities. There are practical subjects which is specially designed to increase knowledge of theoretical as well as social case work  knowledge of learners and impart learners with the practical aspects (project work) to become professional through external MSW in Ahmedabad. 

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Why one can study MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad:

External study is organized especially for those learners who wish to develop their career exceptionally without hampering the existing jobs or business or specially the housewives and it has been designed for those learners who have been deprived from higher education in their young age. The reasons to opt external MSW in Ahmedabad / MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad are furnished below:

  • To understand the history of evolution of social work profession, both in India and the west and to gain information about contemporary ideologies of social work.
  • To develop an overall understanding of the principles of growth, their relevance and application to behaviour at various phases in the life span.
  • To develop sensitivity towards needs, developmental tasks and health status along with needing for developmental programs for the same.
  • To understand communication, its purpose, types, process and to learn basic grooming skills to sustain in this competitive era.
  • To understand the case work as a method of professional social work.
  • To understand group work as a method of social work and its place in social work practice and understand the values, principles, skills, tools and techniques of working with groups.
  • To gain knowledge about the primary method of social work practice with communities. Understanding the techniques and approaches of social work practice with communities.
  • To know how to acquire the skill of working with communities.
  • To comprehend the importance of research as a social work method.
  • To be familiar with various research designs, methods, statistical tools and techniques relevant to social work research.
  • To cultivate research abilities through appropriate application
  • To understand Social welfare Administration as a method of social work, acquiring an understanding about Social policy and planning. Formulation and implementation of various policies.
  • To gain knowledge about labour legislations and labour welfare. Understanding  the legal provisions relating to labour welfare in different industries and to acquire the skills of working with the organized sector
  • To gain knowledge about the concepts related to health and illness, acquiring knowledge about various illnesses and understand its psychosocial impact, learning skills of social work interventions and ability to work in hospital teams.
  • To understand the general concepts, meanings, and principles of correctional social work. Institutional and non-institutional services in India and Role of Social Worker in correction.

Eligibility: Learner should complete any graduate degree from a recognized university.

Importance of Study by Distance Learning and External Study:

  • Flexible studying hours help learners to continue the existing job of interest without any interruption.
  • Learners can learn anytime of the year
  • Develop learner’s skill set with their existing professional chores which helps them to earn more.
  • No transportation cost incurred
  • No boring classrooms
  • Convenient learning medium for specially housewives who wish to complete their study through MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad, MSW External in Ahmedabad.
  • Learners can opt various degree courses along with their sports career.
  • To take up various courses that are not accessible in the conventional colleges
  • The pocket friendly fee structure


Henceforth, we can conclude that Master of Social work (MSW) degree develop the knowledge and skills of the learners to enter in the field of social work. This master degree course provides skill based training required to work on the different sections of the society in terms of social work, social service and social justice. This course enhances the learners’ abilities to deal with challenges, helps weaker section and to promote social change and empowers people for social and economic development. After completion of the Master of Social work (MSW) MSW Distance Education in Ahmedabad, MSW External in Ahmedabad degree  there is an extensive opportunity of growth in employment in either the government sector, or in some NGO.

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